My Favorite Flowers

The card read “some beauty for my beauty” and once again he blew me away with his thoughtfulness. They came in the mail, for no reason at all, but because I love them, and he loves me. What a gift!

I have to take a second to brag on this company y’all. They hand-pick and arrange these gorgeous bouquets and then overnight them to make sure they stay fresh. Everything is locally grown and in season, and I’m not sure but I think every bouquet I’ve sent or received from them has included sprigs of the incredibly fragrant Eucalyptus. Which to me, only enhances the experience. They last at least two weeks, bringing daily joy!

FarmGirl Flowers, y’all are truly the best of the best.

Anyone looking to not only make someone’s day, but their next TWO WEEKS, send them a little FarmGirl love! And BRIDES, consider purchasing a bouquet for your engagement session! It’s always a good idea to have a little extra beauty to work with!

I am the luckiest to get these from the kindest man in the world. We’re 8.5 years into this thing and he’s still buying me flowers! Thank you, Zach, for knowing me so well and for splurging on the surprise gift of beauty!


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