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I am a Southern romantic who believes in beauty. My perfect day starts with a cup of coffee and ends on my porch swing. I think pearls go with everything and a splash of perfume completes every outfit. I am always looking for an excuse to celebrate!

My husband, Zach, and I have been married for over 10 years and dated all through college. Together, we are so delighted to be raising our daughter, Emma Grace, and our son, David. They are my hardest and greatest work! 

I believe in photography that honors and builds marriages. My heart is to serve generously and joyfully and to celebrate the beauty of a moment by capturing it forever. Moments become memories and if documented, can be treasured for a lifetime.

I love traveling but I have special place in my heart for Southern cities and the Italian countryside. Oh, and anywhere with palm trees!

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"Lindsay lives in a world of honest beauty. As she guided us through our sessions and our day, she removed the walls the outside world has forced upon us and let us simply be together. The way she joyfully seeks and finds beauty affected us deeply in our hearts. She made me fall in love with my wife over and over again with every snap of the shutter. Now, when I look at the wonderful moments she captured for us, I'm flooded with nostalgia for those moments even though they occurred only a few months ago. Lindsay became a time capsule for the happiest moments of my life."

- Thomas & Cadie

"I cannot explain how thankful I am that I put my engagement and wedding photos in her hands. WOW. Not only does she do incredible photography, but she creates an experience you won't forget... She makes everyone (you, your groom, your bridal party, your grandma...everyone!) feel SO special and loved. Her smile will light up your wedding day, and people will notice! She takes incredible detail shots of special things you don't want to forget, she makes family formals quick and efficient, her bride and groom portraits are insane (especially at sunset!), and she captures your bridal party's personality perfectly... She's the best in the industry. You won't regret choosing Lindsay! I can't say it enough." 

- Jonny & Kylie

Lindsay is absolutely incredible. The photos that she took at our wedding are beautiful and I cannot possibly sing enough praises for her and her work. She takes the most beautiful wedding photos I have ever seen… Everyone is totally blown away by her work. Lindsay is particularly good at capturing moments. When I got the photos from the wedding I found that she captured beautiful moments from the day that I’m going to cherish forever. Essentially, it was an absolute joy to share that day with Lindsay. She is so sweet, kind, positive and fun and I really loved having her there with us. All of my family and friends absolutely love her. I feel really lucky to have had such an amazing photographer.

-Tom & Becca


I offer a boutique wedding experience designed to joyfully serve you, celebrate the gift of marriage, and create beauty for a lifetime of treasured memories.

Success to me is found in serving wholeheartedly, in the midst of significant moments. Believing God is glorified in excellence, it is my privilege to serve you to that end!

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