Tommy & Tyler | Elegant Richmond Wedding

July 17, 2018

Tommy and Tyler have truly “grown up” together, through almost 8 years of dating. Tyler describes the braces, funny glasses, and poor hairstyles that they have weathered together. But their relationship has also been strengthened through long distance dating at rival universities and the years of building a life in Richmond. When they got their […]

Greg & LeLe | Norfolk Family Park Wedding

June 25, 2018

Florals and perfume were certainly a beautiful part of the day but the core theme could be described as “Jesus at the Center.” LeLe and Greg were most excited to publicly declare their union and celebrate with the family and friends they hold in such high regard. Their fathers were honored to participate in the ceremony […]

Tom & Becca | Engaged

May 8, 2018

Becca is one of those girls that everyone instantly loves. She is beautiful in the freedom and laughter she brings to the room. When I first met her I remember feeling like I was having fun just watching her enjoy her world. Seeing Becca with Tom is like watching two halves make a whole. He […]

Greg & LeLe | Engagements

March 26, 2018

Greg and LeLe have two of the best smiles of anyone I’ve met. Together they are radiant! We had such a joyful time exploring the VMFA, where their relationship began. They snuggled together, engaged, on the bench where Greg first asked LeLe to be his girlfriend. Their wedding this summer will be full of flowers […]

My Favorite Flowers

March 13, 2018

The card read “some beauty for my beauty” and once again he blew me away with his thoughtfulness. They came in the mail, for no reason at all, but because I love them, and he loves me. What a gift! I have to take a second to brag on this company y’all. They hand-pick and […]