Greg & LeLe | Engagements

March 26, 2018

Greg and LeLe have two of the best smiles of anyone I’ve met. Together they are radiant! We had such a joyful time exploring the VMFA, where their relationship began. They snuggled together, engaged, on the bench where Greg first asked LeLe to be his girlfriend. Their wedding this summer will be full of flowers […]

My Favorite Flowers

March 13, 2018

The card read “some beauty for my beauty” and once again he blew me away with his thoughtfulness. They came in the mail, for no reason at all, but because I love them, and he loves me. What a gift! I have to take a second to brag on this company y’all. They hand-pick and […]

Tommy & Tyler | Engagements

February 28, 2018

Fun fact: Tommy & Tyler have been to all of each other’s homecoming, proms, and sorority/fraternity formals. These two have built and defined long love over the years of memories and it’s just so obvious they belong together. She looks at him with such adoration and his smile for her makes her “nose-crunch-giggle”. It’s that […]

Best of 2017

December 18, 2017

From Richmond’s best: Hollyfield Manor, and The Jefferson Hotel, to Charleston and Seabrook Island, to the Homestead, to the Army Navy Country Club and two incredible wineries, Trump and Stone Tower, this year of weddings & portraits was one for the books. As a professional that has been in the industry for over 8 years, I am […]

2017 Behind The Scenes

December 11, 2017

Ever wonder what it actually looks like to be a wedding photographer? While I do sincerely think it’s the best job in the world, there are some CRAZY moments that happen throughout the day!! I loved going back through the quirks and behind the scenes of this past year. I’ll let you in on a […]