Patrick & Laura | Gauthier Vineyards

August 11, 2017

They met in Pennsylvania and she said she fell for him because, “he was a good Southern boy.” Together, they are raising a sweet little puppy named Lily, who, while she was not named for it, has her very own Lily Pulitzer bag. So I would say, it’s a match made in Southern heaven. They […]

Christian & Lori | Richmond Wedding

August 2, 2017

Christian and Lori have been good friends for years. Officially “friend-zoning” each other, it was years until Christian realized he liked Lori. Boldly roping in a mutual friend, he revealed his secret. During her toast, Robin spoke of the conversation: “I thought, yes, we all like Lori… wait… OHHH!” And there it began. Lori would […]

Matt & Renee | Maternity

August 1, 2017

Renee and Matt are dear friends and old teammates of mine. Reconnecting with them to celebrate the gift of their little boy by taking maternity portraits was such a joy! Matt has the best laugh and Renee radiates kindness; their son is going to adore them. We had to duck under the porch of the […]

Ben & Eliza | Richmond Wedding

July 10, 2017

They were described by the best man as a “power couple” and I think if that means two of the kindest souls with influence, compassion, and friends in every walk of life, then Ben and Eliza were aptly labeled. From women Eliza discipled to men Ben served with in Young Life, college friends that flew […]

Eliza | VA War Memorial Bridals

July 10, 2017

Eliza had two requests: a classic backdrop and the Richmond skyline. Her VA War Memorial bridals had both. My favorite thing about these images is that Eliza’s smile makes you smile back at the screen. She is so full of joy and it was such an honor to capture her in this season! Eliza, you […]