Ross & Katie | Engagements

June 5, 2017

Let me just tell you right now: this is going to be a joyful one!! I tell my couples: “usually the first 15 minutes are awkward and we don’t have to keep any of these images- it’s just for warm up!” But this first image? Literally, it was the 9th frame I shot… as in, […]

Lora & En En | University of Richmond

May 31, 2017

They met between cups of coffee and long study hours in Gottwald Center for the Sciences at the University of Richmond. Both teachers now, in New York City, Lora and En En longed for portraits to celebrate their marriage in the place where they built their relationship. Each corner held a memory; each step significant […]

Keith & Regan | Seabrook Island, SC Wedding

May 23, 2017

Keith and Regan have the kind of romance of which the story books are made. Keith’s brother, Scott, is married to Regan’s childhood best friend, Dottie. Regan and Keith initially met as members of Scott and Dottie’s bridal party 15 years ago but the wedding was the extent of their relationship. Four years ago, Regan […]

Jonny & Kylie | Richmond Wedding

May 15, 2017

This is one wedding where my words may fail me. A majority of the guests and I were moved to the point of tears several times on Kylie and Jonny’s day. Every detail of the day was infused with meaning and intended to delight. Guests were surprised at several points: the recording of Kylie’s sweet words to her […]

Ben & Eliza | Richmond Engagement

April 14, 2017

She said, “when you date long distance, coffee shops are your thing.” He’s in Fairfax serving with Young Life, and she’s a school counselor in Richmond. So they meet in the middle, for coffee, followed by a dinner date. They are absolutely adorable in the way they talk about their lives and the future. She […]