Ben & Eliza | Richmond Wedding

July 10, 2017

They were described by the best man as a “power couple” and I think if that means two of the kindest souls with influence, compassion, and friends in every walk of life, then Ben and Eliza were aptly labeled. From women Eliza discipled to men Ben served with in Young Life, college friends that flew […]

Eliza | Virginia War Memorial Bridals

July 10, 2017

Eliza had two requests: a classic backdrop and the Richmond skyline. The Virginia War Memorial provided the perfect hallowed space for both. My favorite thing about these images is that Eliza’s smile makes you smile back at the screen. She is so full of joy and it was such an honor to capture her in […]

Joe & Alexa | Homestead Resort Wedding

June 27, 2017

Their adventure began on her birthday when they met at mass. A year and a half later, a camping trip full of fishing, sunsets, peach ice cream, and wine, led to a ring and a promise of adventuring together forever. Surrounded by family from all across the nation, Joe and Alexa vowed to forsake all […]

Something Blue

June 20, 2017

One of my favorite things about my brides is their creativity. I absolutely love walking into a wedding day and seeing all of the details come together. My brides work diligently on the small components of their day, knowing it’s not about being polished to perfection but creating space for joyful celebration. My people know […]

Sean & Sarah | Hollyfield Manor Wedding

June 13, 2017

The best way to describe their interactions together is giddy. Sarah giggles as she tells me that Sean often carries her around in his arms, and Sean just nods and laughs as he steps towards her to sweep her off her feet. They are so sweet. They met at church during the portion of the service […]